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Affiliate Program

Help share the joy of adventure and be rewarded to boot!

I envision a world where every adventurer is armed with player aids that help them get more joy and immersion from their roleplaying sessions, and where adventurers have the tools they need to understand their character's abilities. To realize that world, I need an adventuring party! 

I run an Affiliate Program where you can profit from sales you drive of digital DanDMadeEasy products. Whether you're an influencer, take part in a podcast, or are a fellow creator, if you believe in my products, why not share the joy of adventure and make a tidy profit? 

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Your promotion can be as simple as showing my products being used in a podcast seamlessly during a session, or as complex as doing a detailed review video of my products. Either way, as an affiliate, you can expect a nice percentage of revenue from any sales traceable to your promotional activities.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you by email shortly

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