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I'm dedicated to having a positive impact on the world.

My products are not just designed to support people play and find more immersion in their roleplaying games, but also to encourage them to realize that they are powerful creators and have everything they need to achieve the life they want within them. This is especially the case for my custom products such as the DnD 5E Character Journal and DnD 5E Custom Spell Tome. 

Free products for charity, therapy and youth work  

All of my print at home products are available with a free limited license for pro-community purposes such as charity events, therapy, and youth work such as school roleplaying clubs. I'd also be thrilled to support the use of my products for these purposes by providing any training needed to those running the events. 

To learn more and arrange your license, contact me

School kid playing D&D in a school club
School kid playing D&D in a school club

"We used DandDMadeEasy reference cards in our school D&D club for 14-18 year olds and the players loved them! They were super helpful for an easy reference guide, especially for our novice players. It's time consuming for anyone to flip through the Player's Handbook to find an answer and the reference cards cut that time out so they could play more and search less."

Danielle Cozzolino, D&D school club facilitator at an American school in Germany

Join the growing list of organizations to take part

DanDMadeEasy products have been licensed for use in activities including the following worldwide:

  • Running an afterschool D&D club at an elementary school in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, USA

  • Running the Adventure Guild D&D club at an American school in Germany

  • Running a D&D club at the Cooper School, Charleston South Carolina, USA

  • Running the TTRPG Club for 8-80 year olds at West Cobb regional library, Georgia, USA

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