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Hypercustomizable DnD 5E Character Journal

Your Character. Your Journal. Your Story.

Create stylish custom Character Journals for your DnD 5E characters
The Journal was developed through a Kickstarter campaign and is being used by adventurers worldwide

See how the Character Journal solved Ginny Di's dilemma (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Customize, print and bind at home

  • Supports all 12 core classes and multiclass

  • Over 300 covers

  • Detailed trackers

  • Rules reminders and help

D&D 5E Character Journal - Barbarian Abilities

"I found the Character Journal so helpful in immortalizing my little Barbarian and their story. I love it because I can print out exactly the pages I need, the class specific abilities pages mean I don’t have to flip through the PHB, and the tabs are so cute and practical. Now that I’ve finished my campaign, the Journal is a permanent memento of my character’s story, and my boys are asking for Journals for their campaign!"

Kristy S, Colorado, USA

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purchasing options

You can either buy a bundle for best value, or buy the files you need separately
(interior files and class files for your classes)

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Want to try it out first? Check out the free Artificer Tracker Mini-Journal

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Everything you need to make a Journal for any character

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interior files + class files

Pick and choose the files you need, and top up as you begin new journeys


class Bundles

All files for a class, including covers, custom covers and class inserts

class files

Covers and class inserts for each class (no custom covers)

custom covers

Custom covers with A-Z letters in class schemes

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