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Free resources for school D&D clubs

Roleplaying games including D&D can have a huge positive impact on the lives of children, helping them develop social skills, problem solving and creativity. School D&D clubs help kids realize these benefits in a safe space. 

Unfortunately, budget to support school D&D clubs is often limited.

Fortunately, there's a range of free resources out there from charities and creators that support school D&D clubs. 

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I make print at home products that are designed to make play easy and more immersive. I offer all of my paid products with a free limited license for use in school D&D clubs. I'd also be thrilled to support the use of my products for school D&D clubs by providing any training needed. 

To learn more and arrange your license, contact me

School kid playing D&D in a school club
School kid playing D&D in a school club

Check out my Resources page for links to resources that are free to everyone, including accessible rules reference cards that can make it easier for kids and educators to understand the D&D rules and jog their memory quickly.

D&D 5E Making an attack reference card
D&D 5E Flow of combat reference card
D&D 5E Skill and ability checks reference card

"We used DandDMadeEasy reference cards in our school D&D club for 14-18 year olds and the players loved them! They were super helpful for an easy reference guide, especially for our novice players. It's time consuming for anyone to flip through the Player's Handbook to find an answer and the reference cards cut that time out so they could play more and search less.

Danielle Cozzolino, D&D school club facilitator at an American school in Germany

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The following charities provide free resources to school D&D clubs such as copies of D&D books, dice and other resources:

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Other creators

  • Wizards of the Coast®, the developers of Dungeons and Dragons, have a scheme to provide free educator resources and licenses that runs periodically.

  • Wanting maps? DnD Shorts makes their maps available for free for school D&D clubs. Maps come in a range of styles and include gridded and non-gridded versions. To request access, contact DanDMadeEasy.

  • Need minis? Printable Heroes creates printable paper D&D minis including adventurers, monsters, terrain, props, and map pieces. You can get access to their library of over 800 minis, most of which have free versions, on their website.

  • Looking for more monster variety? Conflux Creatures has over 1700 homebrew creatures designed to be fun and tactical that can be accessed for free. Find out more by getting in touch.

  • Geeky Tendencies has a range of free resources in their Hidden Room, including a large print character sheet for new or neurodivergent players, and a guide for new Game Masters.

  • TTRPGKids provides a ton of helpful resources to support running D&D and other roleplaying games with kids, including educational resources

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Want help getting started?

Want help getting started setting up a club?

You can find some great advice in the following blogs:

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Find your community

Want to ​meet others that run school D&D clubs and share tips, tricks, and inspirational moments?

Meet fellow facilitators shaping the future of children like you are on my Discord server.

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Can you help?

If you are aware of or can provide free (or licensed for free use) resources to support school D&D clubs, please let me know

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