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This month's prize is this gorgeous set of Petri dice made by RuneFable.

When I got my hands on these, it was the first time I'd handled artisan dice and... wow!

Check out RuneFable's store for more awesome dice like this set! 

Runefable Dice Giveaway_edited_edited.jpg
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previous winners

April 2024  -  DnD 5E Character Journal All In All Files Bundle  - Prize unclaimed

March 2024  -  Niamh W - Druid Origin Story (Character Journal, Spell Tome and Class Tracker files for the Druid class)

February 2024  - Olivia G - DnD 5E Digital Campaign Pass (all DnD 5E digital products)

January 2024 - Party of Four - Prize Unclaimed

December 2023  -  Ben - Tracks of Legend Bundle (All 12 Class Trackers) 

November 2023  -  Danny B - DnD 5E Spell Tome

October 2023  -  Jesse L  -  Spellcasting Megabundle (Character Journal All Files, Spell Tome, Class Trackers for all 8 spellcasting classes) 

September 2023  -  Prize unclaimed

August 2023  -  Peter F  -  DnD 5E Spell Tome, Bard Character Journal Files, and Bard Tracker 

July 2023  -  Matt Z  -  DnD 5E Digital Campaign Pass (all DnD 5E digital products)

June 2023  -  Doug C  -  £25 DanDMadeEasy Adventure Pass

May 2023  -  Simon L  -  Zodiac-matched player aid pack  -  Bard (Gemini)

Apr 2023  -  Katie U  -  DnD 5E Spell Tome 

Mar 2023  -  Aspen  -  DnD 5E Character Journal All In All Files Bundle 

D&D 5E Spell Tome
D&D 5E Character Journal
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