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Commercial Licensing

Use DanDMadeEasy™ products for commercial purposes

DanDMadeEasy products are designed to streamline running and playing TTRPGs and can be great tools to use in your store games, in-person games as a professional GM, or other commercial purposes.

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If you're wanting to use DanDMadeEasy products for commercial purposes, reach out using the form below and we'll arrange an agreement that fits us both. I recognize that all use of my products is great marketing for me expanding the reach of my business, and I'm open to making agreements that don't include the exchange of funds. 

If you're on this page and wanting to use DanDMadeEasy products for events like school/scout/guide clubs, charity or therapy purposes, you can reach out for a free limited license instead.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you by email shortly

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