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Tired of looking up spell information in your source books, or of needing to buy a new set of spell cards for every new character?


This DnD 5E Spell Tome fixes that and lets you organize your spells in style!


The Spell Tome makes it easy to store information on your spells your way

  • Print and bind your Spell Tomes at home
  • Organize your spells by casting class and spell level
  • Options for 1 or 2 spells per page to provide flexibility – save space while still being able to fully describe long spells
  • Easy navigation using internal tabs and spell page references
  • Mark prepared spells 
  • Supports multiclass characters!
  • Lets you add spells outside your normal spell list easily – no need to buy a separate set of spell cards!
  • Supports homebrew spells
  • If you want, store every spell!
  • Specific tabs for the 12 core classes and "wrench" (you fill in the class name)


The Spell Tome comes as a set of PDF files in A4 and Letter size with clear assembly and usage instructions.


You can expand your Spell Tome as your character's story grows and they gain access to new spells, or as you roll new characters with access to spells. 

I have lots of ideas for expanding the Journal to include more covers and options for organization (e.g. based on spell schools and Arcane/Divine/Primal spell lists. Stay tuned!



  • You'll receive a file containing a download link and password for your items
  • After downloading your files, follow the Getting Started guide for detailed instructions of each stage of the Spell Tome creation process:
    1. Correcting for printing alignment
    2. Assembling cover pages
    3. Choosing how you will organize your Spell Tome
    4. Assembling first level tabs based on casting classes – PDFs are editable
    5. Assembling spell level tabs – PDFs are editable
    6. Assembling extra spell pages – PDFs are editable
    7. Putting everything together and binding your journal
  • The included Using Your Spell Tome file describes how to get the most from your Spell Tome
  • The Spell Tome is expandable so you can add further pages as your character's story grows.



  • To assemble the Spell Tome, you'll need access to a color printer and a pair of scissors or guillotine. Various options are provided for how to bind the Tome, some of which require access to specific tools.



  • Please let me know if you have any feedback on the Spell Tome or any ideas to help you streamline your adventuring sessions. I'm always happy to help!
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DnD 5E Spell Tome | All Classes

  • As the Spell Tome is delivered as a collection of digital files, you'll be able to print as many Spell Tomes as you want for as many of your characters as you want!

    You can also print Spell Tomes for others! (See Licensing)