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Running school D&D clubs? Help is out there!

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If you’re running a school D&D club, or thinking of starting one, thank you so much for supporting our upcoming generation of adventurers.

Running a D&D game is rarely simple, and it must be even more challenging to do so for groups of kids, so I salute you.

You may feel like you don’t have the funding to get everything you need to run the games you'd like to, and like there must be some support out there.

Fortunately, there is.

A range of charities and creators including myself offer resources to help run games that are free to everyone, or free for use in school clubs.

This includes digital products like printable miniatures and player aids, and there are even charities that can help you by providing physical products like books and dice free of charge.

I make print at home player aids that are designed to make D&D play easy and more immersive, and I offer all of my products for free for use in school clubs.

DanDMadeEasy print at home products including Character Journals, Class Trackers and Spell Tomes make D&D easier to understand and play and more immersive and are available for free for use in school D&D clubs. If you want these products for personal use, you can use code BLOG10 for a 10% discount.

I’m also collating a list of organizations and creators that can support you.

This includes charities that can source D&D books, dice, or other resources at no cost to you, like Let’s Quest, which provides free resources for school D&D clubs in the USA.

You can find a link describing the resources available and showing where you can access them here

Community is important, and you may have fantastic tips and inspirational moments to share with other school club facilitators. I’ve set up a space where you can meet and chat with fellow facilitators on my Discord channel.

If you’re a charity or creator that can provide free or licensed-for-free resources that could help school D&D clubs and would like to get involved, reach out to me

Thanks once again for supporting young adventurers, and happy adventuring!

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