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The Tracks of Legend Bundle includes trackers for all 12 core DnD 5E classes.  


Want to keep track of your spells and abilities for your DnD 5E characters? The DanDMadeEasy Class Trackers let you do just that! 


Each Tracker in this bundle makes it easy to keep track of resources such as spell slots and uses of class-specific abilities for your character class, and many trackers provide extra information on how abilities work.


Trackers include level indicators and refresh markers so it's easy to know when you have access to each ability, and when you regain uses of your abilities. Playing DnD has never been easier!


This bundle includes:

  • Barbarian Tracker (Annal of Anger)
  • Bard Tracker (Book of Verses)
  • Cleric Tracker (Tome of Faith)
  • Druid Tracker (Tome of Nature)
  • Fighter Tracker (Book of Battle)
  • Monk Tracker (Tome of Enlightenment)
  • Paladin Tracker (Chronicle of Devotion) 
  • Ranger Tracker (Wilderness Survival Guide)
  • Rogue Tracker (Book of Shadows)
  • Sorcerer Tracker (Portrait of Power)
  • Warlock Tracker (Spell Tome)
  • Wizard Tracker (Spell Tome)


Trackers are designed to be printed on A4 or Letter paper and laminated so you have a handy reference and can update temporary items with a dry-wipe marker. Alternatively, you can forego laminating them and update them with a pencil and eraser.


Each tracker comes as a set of PDFs file with clear assembly instructions, including instructions on how to align the tracker for double-sided printing. The elements of trackers that are least likely to change during sessions are editable in the PDFs, so you can fill them in before printing your trackers.



  • You'll receive download links to a set of PDF files with clear instructions for assembling and using each tracker 
  • If you want, fill in your character's more permanent details in the editable PDFs
  • Print, cut and laminate (or not) the files following the instructions included
  • During your sessions, keep track of your spells and abilities using the instructions included



  • To assemble trackers, you'll need access to a color printer and a pair of scissors of guillotine; if you want to laminate your trackers, you'll also need access to a laminator and laminating pouches
  • Only use non-permanent, dry wipe markers to mark laminated trackers; if you use permanent markers, you won't be able to reuse trackers  



  • Please let me know if you have any feedback on the Trackers or any ideas to help you streamline your adventuring sessions. I'm always happy to help!
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DnD 5E Class Trackers Bundle

  • As this product is delivered as a collection of digital files, you'll be able to print as many Trackers as you want for as many of your characters as you want!

    You can also print Trackers for others! (See Licensing)

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