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Want to keep track of your DnD hit points, saving throws and armor class? This tracker makes it easy! It's a huge hit with kids!


The tracker is designed to be printed and laminated so you have a handy reference and can update your character's defenses with a dry-wipe marker. The tracker includes the following:

  • Character Name so you don't mix up your tracker with those of your fellow adventurers
  • AC
  • Hit Points tracker with current, max and temporary HP
  • Hit Dice tracker with space for multiple hit dice types and a reminder of your constitution bonus
  • Saving Throws tracker/reference
  • Concentration tracker with rules reminders
  • Death Save tracker with rules reminders


The tracker comes as a PDF file with clear assembly instructions. The elements of the tracker that are least likely to change during sessions (Character name, Saving throws) are editable in the PDF, so you can fill them in before printing the tracker.



  • You'll receive a zip file with your order which includes
    • A Getting Started Guide
    • Printing Alignment Guides for A4 and Letter printing
    • Files for A4 and Letter to print the tracker, including assembly instructions
    • A Tracker Usage Guide



  • Calculate your printer's alignment for double-sided printing
  • If you want, fill in your character's name and/or saving throws in the PDF files
  • Print, cut and laminate your tracker following the instructions included
  • During your sessions, keep track of your defenses following the instructions included



  • To assemble the tracker, you'll need access to a printer, laminator, laminating pouches and a pair of scissors
  • Only use non-permanent, dry wipe markers to mark the tracker; if you use permanent markers, you won't be able to reuse the tracker  



  • Please let me know if you have any feedback on the Tracker or any ideas to help you streamline your adventuring sessions. I'm always happy to help!
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DnD 5E Defenses Tracker

  • As this product is delivered as a collection of digital files, you'll be able to print as many Trackers as you want for as many of your characters as you want!

    You can also print Trackers for others! (See Licensing)

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